Tennis Coaching


  • Choosing the right equipment
  • The rules of tennis
  • Preparation and the warm up
  • Ready position, split step & forehand ground stroke
  • The double & single handed backhand ground stroke
  • The backhand slice ground stroke

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Meet the Coach

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Why This Course (play video) Why This Course

We appreciate keeping a balance of your physical input and financial output is all important when making choices. So, you would not be surprised to know we believe the game of tennis achieves that balance.

Who wants to learn or relearn tennis when you are over 50? As lots of 'Rusty Rackets' before you know very well, playing tennis is not all about winning or losing it is about other things too. The pleasure of improving and making a great shot, the friendship within a tennis club and the pleasure of meeting lots of different people from differing backgrounds who share a common interest - perhaps even partners in future relationships.

Personalised Tennis Stroke Analysis Service (play video) Personalised Tennis Stroke Analysis Service

Many people think practice makes perfect. It does not, practice makes permanence. So do ensure your practice is the permanence you are seeking. Fulfil your goals; getting the correct instruction is paramount and more efficient for both your time and money.

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Individual Lessons (play video) Indivdual Tennis Lessons

Contact us to find out more details. Or click on and to find out more about holiday or retirement compact and luxury villas in the beautiful region of Andalucia, Spain.

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