Social Tennis Free Taster


  • Choosing the right tennis equipment
  • The rules of tennis
  • Preparation and the warm up
  • Ready position, split step & forehand ground stroke
  • The double & single handed backhand ground stroke
  • The backhand slice ground stroke

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Learn to play tennis or improve your game with our
online tennis coaching course, designed for social tennis.

What can we offer?

  • Video Supported E-book Tennis Course
  • An Unusual Parent Gift
  • Individual Lessons
  • Find a playing partner in UK
Follow the step by step instruction videos in the e-book and enjoy a new, exciting and relaxing part of your life. Whether you are a silver surfer or not, we hope you find the video courses in the e-book of great benefit. We believe tennis is also a great way to enjoy health & fitness through middle age and beyond retirement.

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